When picking tile for your next home project you'll find you have many options from which to choose. Ceramic tile is the most popular because it is functional and durable. But you can also choose decorative tiles, such as metal or glass tile. Which tile is right for you really depend on what you plan to do with it? If you are looking for small scale tiles then browse online.

First, let's examine a few tips you need to consider for your next tile project and tips for tiling certain areas of your home.

  • Be sure when buying tile it suits your purpose. For example, some tile is sturdy enough that it can be installed outdoors in just about any climate. Other tiles, however, is only strong enough for indoor floors or walls and countertops. So when choosing tile, it's important to pick the right tile for the job.
  • Note how the tiles are rated for slip-resistance. What this means is heavily glazed tiles won't work very well in wet areas such as bathrooms, entryways, and kitchens.
  • Find out whether trim pieces such as bull-nose tiles (tiles with one or two rounded edges instead of four 90-degree corners) and cove (aka curved) tiles are available in a tile you're considering. These pieces can be critical to making the installed tile visually pleasing, especially in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • If there's no trim tile available in your tile of choice, consider choosing a second tile and adapt its trim pieces for use in a coordinated design you create. You can also use wood strips in place of trim if need be.

Picking the Right Tile for You

By remembering these tile tips and suggestions, choosing tile will be a snap. For the best project results, plan ahead. Also, remember that what you pick today can theoretically last for decades, so be sure that the choice you make is a sound one.