The Dead Sea Bath Salt For Your Well-Being


The Dead Sea salt is considered as the saltiest of all the seawater salts found on earth. There are about 95 varieties of this saline mineral. This is an excellent alternative to ordinary cosmetic products, soaps, perfumes, scrubs and other chemical based make-up, skin and hair care products. It revitalizes the lost vital nutrients, softens and smoothens the skin, increases its elasticity and leaves it feeling beaming with a healthy shine. It provides ultimate relaxation, relief and rejuvenation, giving you ultimate pleasure and enjoyment, turning every household into a secret spa.

Dead Sea Salt originates from the coastal area of what is now Israel and the West Bank. This is one of the oldest seas on earth. During the ancient times, this region was occupied by numerous civilizations including the ancient Egyptians. These civilizations were using the minerals and salt in their everyday lives. Their recipes included such usage like as treatment for wounds, tooth whitening, deodorant, cleansing of cloths, soap and many more.

It was only in the later years that these treatments were discovered and applied for cosmetic purposes. During those times, salt was a precious salt that had a very high value. It was considered to be a rare and precious mineral that can be used to treat illness and heal any body part affected. The health and beauty market was sparked after this discovery.

Dead Sea Salts are formed naturally by evaporation. The process takes place when warm, salty water is suddenly pulled over a hotter, wet surface. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind salts and minerals. Evaporating water weighs more than the air. As a result, when it reaches a higher temperature, the minerals are left behind which form the unique mineral content of Dead Sea.

As far as the health benefits are concerned, there are many. Irritation and skin problems are treated with regular use. The minerals present in the salt act as astringents to get rid of swelling and pain. Astringents help the skin recover from stress and reduce wrinkles. Dry skin also becomes smoother and softer.

Aside from skin treatment, the Dead Sea Salt is also beneficial for the blood and digestive system. It reduces blood pressure, promotes better digestion and fights bacteria. It is said to be rich in zinc, calcium, copper, manganese and iron. As it is rich in minerals, the pH of its blood is slightly alkaline. Blood loss is reduced due to the increase of nutrients and oxygen.

Dead Sea bath salt is also used to relieve sinusitis and other nasal problems. It is a perfect solution for headache, asthma and congestion. With regular use of this bath salt, you can find yourself feeling better in no time. In fact, it is effective in treating colds, flu, arthritis and other chronic diseases.

The best thing about Dead Sea bath salts is that they are so affordable. Compared to other spa products, you will definitely get your money’s worth here. And so, do not waste anymore time and visit a spa in your area. Do not wait any longer. Try Dead Sea salt! You will not be disappointed and neither will you ever go back from using it!

A healthy skin is what every woman wants. But achieving that healthy and radiant skin is not easy. Using Dead Sea salt baths can give you the help you need.

If you think Dead Sea salt is just about relaxing and enjoying, you need to re-check again. Aside from the fact that it is a great detoxifier, it is a complete package for healthy living. It helps in improving the function of the cardiovascular system, strengthens the immune system and increases the energy level of the body.

There is nothing more relaxing than taking a refreshing dip in a big pool of water. So go ahead and have one! Just make sure to take a good amount of Dead Sea salt with you as well. It makes for a total healing experience! Enjoy!

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