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But getting into iP chemistry with the thought "It's so hard, I'll never pass" triggers a panic reaction before you give yourself a chance. In this panic mode, you become so distracted from panic and fear that you can't sit back and concentrate. This, in turn, leads to a learning disability, which in turn leads to less what you can learn from your course.

And that's causing even more panic

The first step you need to take to study and understand organic chemistry is RELAX.

How can I relax when I am so nervous?

Sometimes you need to step back and engage in something that will temporarily distract you and calm your mind. Or maybe you can try the opposite. Participate in exercises such as jogging or cycling, then sit down to study.

Study the calm mind

Now that you've learned, don't worry about ALL organic chemistry. There is no way to learn everything in one session. Instead, focus on one topic or concept.

Don't worry about your quizzes or exams, and definitely don't think about your grades or success.

Just focus on the topic in question

When I study organic chemistry, especially in exam preparation, I say this:

"At the moment I am assuming that I know nothing. That means I'll get zero points on my next exam. Let's see if I can master this one topic and get 10 points."