Laser Hair Removal – Is It For You?


Having laser hair removal treatments done is a great way to eliminate unwanted hair on most parts of your body. While the idea is great, there are a few things you should know before making an appointment for laser hair removal in Indianapolis. The results from each individual laser hair removal session are almost always permanent, but you may need several treatments to obtain the hair-free complexion you desire. Your hair grows at different speeds and in order for the best effects from each individual laser hair removal session, you’ll need to go somewhere that does the treatments 5 times per week for at least a month.

laser hair removal

You will need to have good skin in order for laser hair removal to work properly. This means you should be able to cover your skin with at least a small amount of cream during the treatment time. If your skin isn’t as smooth as you’d like, it may take more treatments to make it smooth enough for the lasers to work over. The technicians in the office will be able to advise you on the best products to apply to make your skin better able to handle the treatment.

The length of time each individual laser hair removal session may take will depend on the thickness of your skin, the type of follicle being treated, the color of your skin, the severity of your anagen hair loss and the number of sessions you require. Most people require between one and two weeks between treatments, while others may require longer. There’s nothing wrong with waiting a few extra weeks if the first few treatments don’t seem to work well enough for you, as the more treatments you have, the better results you’ll see.

After your initial consultation, you’ll be scheduled for individual treatments that can take from anywhere between one to three hours. During those treatments, the technicians will use a pulsed light to target the melanin in your hair follicles. This process causes the pigment in your hair to become excited and start vibrating. That vibration causes the pigment to be broken down into smaller particles, which the laser then cleans and treats.

Once the laser hair removal treatments have taken effect, most people can be done with shaving in under an hour. That’s not including the time it takes to put on makeup and apply your new hair style. In fact, after your first appointment, most people are surprised by how quickly they can go from shaving to being able to shave without any pain or discomfort. For some people, they never have to shave again. Others do notice a difference in the way their skin looks after the procedure. However, the type of results you get will depend on what technique you use, how many treatments you have received and how good the surgeon is at his job.

While there are several different laser hair removal systems available, the most common is the indy laser system. This is also the most effective, but it does have its drawbacks. For one thing, it only works on healthy skin types so people with darker skin or any kind of skin allergies should check with their dermatologist first. The number of treatment you need to receive will also depend on your skin types and how much melanin is in your hair. While the procedure may take longer than shaving or waxing, the results are far more lasting and less painful.

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