Italian Black Truffle Sea Salt


The history of black truffle dates back to the 15th century during the French Revolution. Prior to that period, France was among the largest exporters of good sea foods and hence the black truffle was a symbol of sophistication and wealth for the French. Their secret recipe for this white, dark chocolate-flavored salty had many ingredients mixed in it like vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and cocoa. Some people even believe that the original recipe was made from the white wine or black wine.

black truffle sea salts

These days, you can find various salts including black truffle salt being sold in different stores around the world. There are people who believe that the salt is actually a type of balsamic vinegar while there are those who think that it’s nothing but a new salt. The latter is true, considering that there are a lot of salts being added to various food items to enhance their flavor and aroma. With so many varieties available today, this type of salt has become very popular among people, especially those who love Italian food and drinks.

If you’ve never tried Italy’s famous black truffle sea salts, then you’re definitely missing out. This salty treat is said to have a rich, salty taste that simply spells taste itself. It’s rich and has a very distinct odor that makes you want to taste more. When you mix it with your favorite drinks, food or desserts, you will definitely enjoy its taste and uniqueness.

Aside from having a great taste, black truffle sea salts also have a lot of health benefits. People from all over the world have been using it for centuries now because of its many health benefits. One of which is its ability to help people lose weight. Since it has a high amount of trace minerals like sodium and magnesium, it makes the person who takes it feel full even without consuming too many calories. This is perfect for those who are dieting because they do not need to deprive themselves of calories just to feel full.

Another great thing about this type of salt is that it helps relieve various ailments including heartburn, hypertension and gastritis. Since it is a high quality salt with a high concentration of minerals, it actually eliminates the toxins found in the food we eat. The regular table salt on the other hand, only contains sodium and sometimes contains other harmful chemicals that can harm the body in the long run.

Now that you know all these wonderful things about black truffle sea salts, you might want to try them yourself. Although it is best to buy this type of salt from online shops or natural food stores, there are times that you can also find this kind of salt in various supermarkets. Just make sure that you know which one is real and which one is not by paying close attention to its label. You should also look for its color so you can determine if the bag is made of real olive oil.

There are various black truffle salt flavors available. Most of these come in very mild flavors and some of them are even un-natural such as the lemon and orange ones. You can use these salts in different forms. They can be sprinkled on salads or as a seasoning for grilled fish. You can also try eating black truffle chips or even black truffle ice cream.

These are just some of the health benefits of this type of salt. To sum it up, it is known to have many beneficial qualities such as being rich in magnesium, vitamin c, beta carotene, sodium, flavonoids, minerals and trace elements. So if you are interested to buy this kind of salt, go ahead and make your purchase. Your family will surely love the taste of these Italian black truffle sea salts.

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