The cornerstone for any technological discoveries and creations is to research, observe, experiment, and translate. For this, one ought to bank on earlier understanding, facts which can be recorded, so the outcome causes improved or new status inside the particular realm.

It's in this circumstance that Vedas, which will be the key texts of Hinduism, assumes great relevance. Even the Vedas are also regarded as uncreated, eternal and are present as solid syllables. You can have timeless knowledge for turbulent times of Vedic science.


Besides their religious worth, they supply humankind with worth for daily life. The four Vedas contain advice on many facets of artwork, crafts, science, and technology. The Vedas cover all areas of knowledge both spiritual and material. 

Even the Vedas constitute the primary resource of ancient wisdom and also the Upavedas and Upanishads are still an integrated portion of the Vedic texts. The Upanishads are of philosophical character and it's, in reality, the Upavedas which have advice that might possibly be considered forming the cornerstone for mod-em science fiction. 

The Vedas and its own notions of mathematics have been connected to spirituality and this also is actually one of several factors because of his or her lack of fame. The Vedas have become science as a critical element of the religion along with also the ascetics and Seers who've con-tributed were tireless Seekers of both knowledge and wisdom. 

Their search for comprehension was greatly like people of modem scientists. The majority of the modem discoveries are known in the Vedas and also these aren't mere literary theories but signs are offered for their presence. The Vedic theories based on mathematics fiction India will be helpful to examine its effects on science fiction.