How To Build Quality Backlinks?


Backlinks have become an indispensable part of search engine optimization or SEO. This is because they help search engines determine the existence, nature, and relevance of your website or blog. Search engines give more weight to those sites which have a large number of high quality links coming from other reliable sources. Backlinks can also be used for manipulative purposes such as spamming. Therefore it is very important that you buy backlinks only from reliable sites or individuals. In this article I will show you how to buy do follow backlinks and avoid getting caught in the Google Sandbox.


Backlinks generally are texts which you click on to direct you to another site. These are also known as inbound links, internal inbound links, outgoing links or frontlinks. Backlinks can be either free or paid in terms of service and cost depending on your budget. Buying backlinks cost money but if you know how to go about it and apply some creativity you can easily make your own backlinks without paying a dime.

Most websites that are ranked high in Google, simply don’t have any backlinks because most of their websites are low quality links which are never used by anybody else. Google looks for these kind of anchor text words, which usually consist of three or more letters, within the link text of the webpage they are indexing. If these words or letters are missing or not present Google bot doesn’t recognize the website and thus won’t index it. Google penalizes websites which have a low quality backlink network. The penalty is most commonly referred to as a penalty or Google slap.

So if you want to rank high in Google with any search, you need to ensure that you have high quality backlinks which are relevant to your niche and can be found by most of the major search engines. Backlinks serve as one of the main determinants of your rankings in Google. If you want to rank highly in Google, you must ensure that most of your website’s backlinks come from high quality authority websites and blogs that are related to your niche. This will ensure that your website gets a good ranking from the major search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo and so forth.

There are several ways of getting backlinks to your website; you can pay for them, you can ask other webmasters to backlink for you can submit your website’s URL to various directories such as, hub pages, forums and Yahoo answers. In case of the latter option, the first thing you need to do is build a relationship with the directory owner. The process of building a relationship is called “AHREFs” (Anchor Link Exchanges). Once you have built a relationship, you can go ahead and ask him to add your backlink to his website. Usually, directories want to see your expertise in your niche before they agree to add your backlink. However, if your backlink is a permanent one, you will have to submit your link to various directories on a continuous basis to ensure that you remain on the top.

Another method of creating backlinks is through link placement. In order to get optimum results through link placement, you need to build and maintain relationships with authority websites which are related to your niche. The best way to go about this is through SEO (search engine optimization) which involves optimizing your website, articles and blogs for better exposure through the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and so on. The major advantage of SEO is that it helps you reach the top of the Google rankings. It is one of the best methods of building backlinks to your site.

In order to create quality backlinks, you need to have an in-depth understanding of SEO. You must also be able to develop strategic link relationships with other webmasters so that you can benefit from their backlink investment. There are many different ways to make backlinks and one of them is through the use of anchor text in your links. Anchor text is the hyperlinked words which appear on the different pages of your website.

Anchor text usually appears in the beginning of the page Title or at the very end. For example, if your website has a homepage of “tech stuff” and you include the word “tech” in your anchor text, Google will think that you are talking about technology. Google’s spider can follow this link and check out your site. However, there is a downside to buying links and that is you will not be credited for backlinks you create. In order to be credited, you need to make sure that you have meaningful and relevant backlinks which are visible to the search engines.

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