Fleur Desel – A Delicious Protein Source!


Fleur de sels are salt crystallized fleur de sel. As it evaporates, fleur de sel turns into a delicate white powder. Fleur de sels are harvested in the hundreds of thousands annually and is used to season seafood, as well as other dishes, to give it a salty taste and aroma. Although fleur de sel is mostly harvested in coastal areas around the world, there are some varieties that can be found in inland areas as well. Some types of fleur de sel are mined from salt marshes and lakes.

fleur de sel

Fleur de sels work as an antiseptic and deodorizer for any water or moisture and acts as an antiseptic when mixed with water. It has high amounts of calcium and magnesium and has been found useful for curing waterborne diseases like diarrhea and dysentery. This seawater salt dissolves viruses, bacteria and germs, slows down the growth of fungi and creates spaces between cells. In the process, it also thickens the blood cells.

Many people prefer to use fleur de sel in salty and cream sauces. The flavor is delectable and can add a lot of flavor to your food. Because it has a very high concentration of minerals and trace elements, fleur de sel is used to make crystal salt. These crystals are then used to make salt flats, table salt and sea salt. These salt products have very varied usage depending on where it has been made and how it has been processed. The salt flat is used mainly for cooking and baking purposes while sea salt is used for making many different sea-related products like shampoos, toothpastes, soaps and other salt-based foods.

No matter how you use fleur de sel, it will never lose its salty taste. People who are sensitive to regular table salt may find this seasoning a little strong and their taste buds will definitely get irritated after some time. However, if you are one of those who are not bothered by the taste of regular salt but still like to taste salty sea food, try using fleur de sel. This salty finishing salt is not as expensive as regular salt and there is no health risks associated with its use either. It is a cheap yet very effective way to add a salty taste to your meals.

One of the main reasons why regular salt is so expensive is because of the heavy process that it goes through to produce it. You need to go through the mining and sorting process to extract the minerals and the cost can really be intimidating for some people. Fleur de sels are harvested from natural sea water and unlike regular salt, it comes straight from the sea without undergoing any processing or making. Because of its purity and natural flavor, this salt is highly popular among chefs and home cooks alike. Because there are no processing required, it is much cheaper than regular salt.

The most important advantage of fleur de sel over regular table salt is its wide variety of uses. Apart from its delectable salty taste, it is also used in many cooking recipes including sea food and stews. There are even recipes using it for fish and seafood although these dishes may include a smaller amount of fleur de sel. For instance, fish stews with fleur de sel can have half or less amount of the salt than usual.

As mentioned earlier, fleur de sel can be harvested straight from the sea. It is harvested from waters that are located in southwestern France, Canada, Labrador, USA,nia and New Zealand. It can also be collected from other areas around the world, particularly from Western Europe. The most abundant areas where it can be harvested are the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific oceans. It can also be purchased from various online retailers specializing in sea salt.

There are many varieties of fleur de sel available today. Many of them vary in color, size, flavor and texture. The most popular ones tend to be larger in size and have a buttery, salty flavor. They are often used for cooking, baking or seasoning snacks and foods.

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