Facebook Messenger Bot


What exactly is a Facebook Messenger Bot? At its most basic level, chat Bots provide a convenient method for businesses to automate various low level customer support functions. Rather than waiting on hold for long periods of time to speak with a customer service representative, customers can now chat with a bot to instantly answer basic questions or complete the initial stages of an advanced RMA return request. In short, it’s a customer relationship management solution.

Facebook Messenger Bot

In today’s world of e-commerce and Internet marketing, customer service and support are critical elements to good customer relations. Facebook Messenger Bot is just one tool that helps businesses establish better connections with their customers. The broader use case of Facebook Messenger Bot is also more cost effective and convenient than older methods such as phone calls, live chat and emailing. Chat Bots, sometimes referred to as Facebook Apps, provide businesses with a uniform method of communicating with customers. These Bots are easy to set up and can be integrated into existing systems seamlessly.

Installing a Facebook Messenger Bot is relatively simple and requires no technical skills or knowledge of HTML. There is no need to install any additional plugins, as the Facebook Messenger Bot installs itself after installation and use of Facebook Connect. That plugin is what allows Facebook Messenger Bot to perform most of its tasks, but there are some low level functions that require a configuration, such as the welcome message and delay time plugin. These features can be configured through a Facebook Connect dashboard.

Facebook Connect does not install any Facebook plugins, so Facebook Messenger Bot cannot be used to create extensions or customize the appearance of Facebook pages. Some popular Facebook chat Bots such as Fry Bots and Facebook Cash Bot are designed to work specifically as Facebook plugins. These Facebook plugins were built to make the Facebook Messenger Bot more versatile and extend its functionality. Facebook chat bots allow Facebook users to create profiles, join groups and send messages to other Facebook users. Facebook chat Bots allows businesses to connect directly with customers and give them more control over how they interact with other Facebook users. Facebook chat bots make communicating with customers easier and more personal, while extending the capacity of Facebook.

Facebook Messenger Bot is similar to the Facebook Instant Messenger (IM) in that it allows users to chat back and forth with friends and family. However, it goes further and adds even more capabilities through the Facebook Connect application. The Facebook Messenger Bot allows for detailed conversations that can include photo and video sharing. It also supports the Facebook Instant Message service for quicker messaging. Facebook Messenger Bot allows businesses to track user activity, display customer reviews and provide instant answers to certain questions.

Facebook’s social bookmarking platform allows users to search for specific pages and tags in an effort to promote their websites and attract more visitors. This Facebook integration along with Messenger Bot creates a more comprehensive service for businesses that want to take advantage of their Facebook user base to improve customer service. Facebook Messenger Bot is able to access bookmarks from Facebook and Google+. This allows businesses to keep their Facebook page up-to-date and allows them to share pages with friends faster than ever.

Facebook chat bots are often confused with Facebook Xpression Bot, which is actually a separate Facebook application. Facebook chat bots are specifically designed to handle short messages and conversations while Xpression Bot is designed to handle long messages. The primary difference between the two is the focus of each application. Facebook chat bots are designed to provide customers and Facebook members with better communication and connection services while allowing Facebook Xpression Bot to perform more of the work traditionally done by a support staff or software specialist. Facebook Messenger Bot was one of the first Facebook applications created specifically to perform tasks other than mere chatting. It can help groups communicate and provides a channel through which information can be shared and problems solved.

The Facebook Messenger Bot is currently in testing and Facebook Xpression Bot is available for Facebook open access. Facebook’s Xpression Bot is currently in testing and Facebook Messenger Bot is available for Facebook open access. Facebook’s chattel application is a messaging client that can be used on mobile devices and other web enabled devices such as laptops. It is similar to Yahoo Messenger Bot but unlike Yahoo Messenger Bot, it does not require registration or subscription. Facebook chattel lets customers send short messages and have them edited or published by other Facebook users; it serves as a visual aid that delivers the same content as written messages.

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