Chat Bots: Replacing A Human Operator



Chat Bots: Replacing A Human Operator

From the name itself, “chat bots” is a new type of bot – a program (bot) which allows users to chat with one another via a network of text-based communication. Bot developers have been working on bot technologies for years, especially with the advent of chat platforms like IRC and Jabber. Now, bot developers are turning their attention to chat Bots specifically.

Chat Bots are artificially intelligent artificial intelligence-driven technologies which mimic human conversation in several aspects. They range from basic, straightforward chat Bots which will chat based on very specifically defined topics, all the way up to more advanced, artificial intelligence chat Bots which use advanced machine learning techniques over time to become smarter. Bot developers are creating chat Bots which can identify spam and deal with it accordingly; they are also working on bot technologies which enable them to converse with users in real-time. However, as chat platforms become more advanced and more capable, chat Bots will become more interesting and capable of much more than basic conversation.

Currently, one of the most interesting types of chat bots is the Microsoft Messenger Bot, which can be considered a natural language bot. It is an online bot which enables you to chat with other humans, which, in turn, will allow you to chat back and forth with them. This chat Bots can give you a range of options, including sharing files and other resources, as well as opening web links in your browser. The Microsoft Messenger Bot was developed by a group of researchers at Microsoft Research.

However, bots are not limited to chat platforms or even conversational tasks. Over the past several years, chat bots have evolved into programs which perform all sorts of tasks for both businesses and individuals. Some of these chat bots are referred to as digital assistants. Others are referred to as personal assistants. There are even programs which are designed to help you plan out your day, track your financial activities, manage your calendar and keep track of appointments. These types of bots are being used by companies to automate certain parts of their business; for example, scheduling appointments, answering phone calls and sending text messages to your friends.

Another area where chat bots are being used is in the area of advertising. Unlike natural language interactions, the messages on bot conversations are brief and direct. For instance, if you were searching for a restaurant in your city and you saw one that had a great menu and an amazing location, you might rather just type in some details about the restaurant and wait to see what the bot suggests. Again, because the artificial intelligence of the bot takes over the decision process, the outcome is very likely to be successful.

In the area of customer service, another application of chatbot technology is often seen. As more companies realize how important chatrooms and discussion forums are to potential customers, chat bots are beginning to replace customer service agents. Instead of having to program a new chatbot for each different customer service department, the chatbot can simply be plugged into the system and used by anyone in the chatroom. The bot will then be able to automatically join conversations, record responses, suggest questions and handle other issues in a natural manner.

Natural language processing is only one part of the big picture though. Bot interaction requires the chatbot to understand how humans work. After all, you wouldn’t want a robot taking over your customer service department, would you? The chatbots must be able to understand basic requests such as spelling words and taking user names. However, these features are often found in chatbots which have been specifically designed for customer service departments. Such examples include AOL Search, AskJeeves and Microsoft Talk.

In short, chatbots can replace your a.l.i.c.. systems, but they will never replace you as the operator of the conversation itself. The more conversational a bot can be, the easier it will be for you to communicate with customers and the more useful its functions will be.

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