Black Truffle Sea Salt – Rich Flavor With a Difference


A trip to the markets for truffles can leave you confused as to what sort of truffle to buy. The beautiful color of black truffles however is not just their eye catching beauty but also for their health benefits. When we mention truffles, what immediately comes into our mind are the Italian style truffles that are carved using the best quality of the Truffles. However, there are many different styles and kinds of truffles available today. These include the African style truffles which are hand made using ingredients from Africa, the Mexican style truffles, and also the American truffle.

black truffle sea salts

The interesting part about Black Truffle Sea Salt is how it actually has its very own color as a result of the minerals and salt that it is made of. The color ranges from an almost black color to brown, almost-but not quite black. As mentioned earlier, these unique salts have an almost rich history behind them, so even the color is used to distinguish them from one another. Because the mineral content is high in iron, magnesium, and calcium, the black color gives them a taste that is quite unique and earthy – almost like the flavor of chocolate. This is a definite advantage over other truffles that are usually high in artificial flavorings and colors.

What makes black truffle sea salts, a favorite among food enthusiasts is the fact that they are made using a highly refined salt form. Most black truffle salt is handmade and hence, the flavor and the texture are quite different from the mass produced ones. In addition to being hand processed, they are also harvested from the highest mountains of the Alps. The high mountain salt is considered better because it contains more minerals that are necessary for the preservation of the flavors of the truffles. Since it has been harvested from the Alps, the minerals in this type of salt are concentrated, thus making the black truffle salt quite different from sea salt.

Black truffle sea salts contain magnesium and calcium. These two essential minerals are important for healthy bones and teeth. This is one of the reasons why many health-conscious people prefer to buy this kind of salt. In addition, calcium helps in preventing blood clots which may lead to heart attacks or stroke. The salt contains less sodium, which is also found to be beneficial for the heart.

This salt is not only used for its taste, but it is also used as a flavoring agent in different kinds of foods. As a flavoring agent, it adds flavor to an Italian sausage and meatballs. People who have a preference for Italian black truffle sea salts can use it in sausage, salami and other Italian-made food items. Many restaurants in Manhattan and other major cities serve Italian sausage with this salt on top.

Aside from being a great way to add flavor to food, it is also an excellent choice for seasoning cocktails. You can add this to your favorite drinks such as martini, Manhattan or sherry to make them more delicious. The sulfates in the salt can also help in adding freshness to cocktails that have alcohol in them.

Not only does it have a great taste, it has many uses. It is commonly used as a baking ingredient in many recipes. The rich flavor it adds to the dishes makes it a favorite for many people. The aroma of this kind of salt also makes it a good scent for baking breads and cookies.

Sizes of these tasty brown sea salts vary. You can get them in smaller sizes, so that you can use just a sprinkle or two in a recipe without worrying about the amounts. Most people think black truffles are best eaten while still warm, which explains why you can find them sold frozen. They maintain their rich and creamy taste, even when kept in the refrigerator for several hours. It is best served just right out of the oven.

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